I’m a Ph.D. student in Church History at The Catholic University of America.  Before that, I was a Ph.D. student in Ancient History at UNC Chapel Hill, where I was active at the Newman Center and met many wonderful and inspiring people, my wife not least among them.  Before that, I lived in St. Louis, MO, where my family still live and where we were married in 2013.


See my inaugural post,  https://theunsolvedpuzzle.wordpress.com/2015/09/08/welcome-to-the-blog/


  1. I do not speak for the Church or anyone officially connected to it.  All views are my own.  I certainly hope they’re fully in line with the teaching authority of the Church, and if anyone can point out an inadvertent heresy, I will be grateful and happy to edit my posts accordingly.
  2. This blog is currently on a free WordPress platform, so if you see any ads on the blog, I have nothing to do with them.  Please don’t harass me about them if you see anything you don’t like.